Here at BidStreet we try to be different than the rest, building a trust with our bidders and changing the way the auction world is run. We have a 7-day in house return/warranty from date of pick-up on any items that have either malfunctioned or weren't complete and wasn't indicated. We don't, however, accept any returns that have resulted from the customer causing damage or from misusing the item. This date may be different for any extended orders purchased over PayPal and held for weeks, please ask a BidStreet Team Member about warranty in this case.

If the item you have won has malfuctioned or we have missed an issue, contact us within 7 days to explain the issue (if you are unable to return to the store withn seven days). We will provide a timeframe in which you must bring in the item in the same packaging as sold to explain the situation. Each return request will be examined and receive its own evaluation. We will review the listing and decide whether to deny the return, do an exchange with a duplicate of the item or give a full refund. BidStreet's decision is final.

We will not be entertaining returns if any issue was either stated in the extended description, item/package description or if there was a photo of the issue. If it is past the 7-day return policy, BidStreet reserves the right to hold no more responsibility in regards to the items sold.