Here at Bidstreet we try to be different than the rest, building a trust with our bidders and changing the way the auction world is run. We have a  7 day inhouse return/warranty on any items that has either malfunctioned or wasn't complete and wasn't indicated. 

If you feel an item you have won was not represented accurately, or has malfunctioned you must contact us within 7 days of receipt. Each return request will be examined and recieve its own evaluation. We will review the listing and decide wheater to deny the return, do an exchange of the item or give a full a refund. This does not include or extend to damage caused by or during the shipping process. We will first exchange the item if we have a duplicate in stock. If we do not have a duplicate of the item the bidder will be given a full refund. We will not be entertaining returns if any issue was either stated in the extended description, item/package description or if there was a photo of the issue. If it is past the 7 day return policy,  Bidstreet holds no more responsibility in regards to the items sold.

We try very hard to inspect and test everything at the best of our ability before we list any item within our given timeframes. Since we are dealing with misguided freight, customer returns, consignments and overstock we test everything that we feel warrants it before we list the item up for auction. (Ex: Household appliances, electronics). We are only human and if anything slips through the cracks that we do miss, contact us and we will make it right for you. However, It is ultimately the bidders responsiblity to do their own research and fully read the entire listing before bidding. If the buyer misses our description, photos or miss understands the listing, we at Bidstreet will not be held responsible in regards to a return. If you have a question about any given listing please don't hesitate to click the "Ask a question" button on the listing. Our staff will make it our priority to respond within busniess hours before the end of that business day or the next. We encourage all our bidders to come in and preview any items during our scheduled busniess hours.

Our bidders are very important to us and we make it our mission to always make it right for you!