You can place your bid 2 ways: 

  • Option A: You can click the BID NOW button on the thumbnail and set your max bid (proxy bid) amount.
  • Option B: You can click into that item, review the listing, look at the item description and any additional photos and place your bid from there.


All listings start at $1.00 with no reserves and when you decide to bid on an item you can set your current proxy bid to any amount you are willing to pay. Our system will automatically keep you $1.00 higher than the previous bidder as long as your proxy bid is higher than theirs. You will continue winning this item until another bidder places a higher proxy bid than yours. When an auction is listed it will automatically start at $1.00.


“Alex823” bids $10.00. You decide you want to also bid on this item and bid $20.00. You will now currently be winning that item for $11.00 because your proxy bid is now higher than Alex’s. “Alex823” then bids $15.00. You will still be winning the item for $16.00 because your proxy bid is still higher than Alex’s. “Alex823” now bids $25.00. He will now be winning the item for $21.00 as he outbid your proxy bid of $20.00. This will continue until the auction time ends on that item. What if “Alex823” bids the same amount as me? Whoever placed the proxy bid of $20.00 first will be winning the item for $20.00.


We encourage all our bidders to fully read the listing. Below the title there will be a condition scale of the product you are bidding on. Further below will be the description to further explain the condition in more detail. All bidders are responsible for fully reading the listing before bidding. If a bidder wins an item having not read our condition or description, they can chose the restocking fee or reconsignment fee option (explained further below on the page).

  • NEW - Retail Packaging): In the exact condition found in a retail store. This is our top condition for any product.
  • NEW - Open Box/Inspected/Tested: Item arrived with an open box or we opened it ourselves to make sure item has all listed contents.
  • NEW - Distressed/No Packaging/No Tags: Item is new, but packaging shows signs of some distress. eg. rips, bends, scuffs (usually from shipping) or does not have any packaging/tags..
  • NEW - *With Issue, (*see description): Item is new, but has an issue. eg. a tear, missing a piece, stained, etc. See description for further details.
  • USED - *Like New (*see description): Item shows signs of light use, but is in like new condition. Check description for further details.
  • USED - *Good (*see description): Item shows signs of use, but is in working condition. Check description for further details.
  • AS-IS - *See Description (NO warranty): Check description for further details. No warranty; all sales final.
  • Collectable/Vintage - See photos: Collectible or hard to find items.


When you bid on an item, the thumbnail will gain a bold black border and a traffic light will automatically appear (see UNDERSTANDING TRAFFIC LIGHTS for the detailed description). These traffic lights usually update automatically based on your current bid status. When there are 20 minutes remaining on an item, the thumbnail will turn a faint red. In order to prevent unfair auction sniping, the auction will extend two (2) minutes every time a bid is placed within the last two 2) minutes of the auction ending.


Please note, the traffic lights on the site are for novelty purposes only. They are not to be used as notification of winning or losing a bid. We recommend clicking on the listing and refreshing the page regularly for the most current bid amount.


Once you have successfully won an item(s), you have until the following Wednesday to pay for them. Our auctions are held Tuesday evenings, therefore, you have from Wednesday to Wednesday to make payment. The following  Wednesday gives you the opportunity to pay for two (2) weeks' worth of won auction items. Payment can be made using PayPal or e-Transfer ( We would appreciate all items be picked up within three (3) weeks as we have limited storage space.

Customers are responsible for paying for their items within the given time frame. You can pay for your items online with PayPal or using EMT (e-Transfer). You can also pay for your items at our retail store. We accept cash, Interac, Visa, and MasterCard. BidStreet reserves the right to place a 10% restocking fee (10% of the price you won the item for) on your next invoice for each unpaid item, with a minimum of $5.00. To be fair to all users, repeat offenders will have their user account deactivated until their account has been cleared. Reactivation is at the discretion of management.

How does the Restocking Fee work?

If someone bids on an item and wins it, but does not pay for and pick up said item, we at BidStreet find this unfair to our other customers who had itentions of purchasing that item. It is ultimately the bidder's responsiblity to do their own research and fully read the entire listing before bidding. If the buyer misses our description, photos (if applicable) or misunderstands the listing, we at BidStreet will not be held responsible in regards to a return. If the buyer has buyer's remorse or did not properly look at and read the listing, they can reconsign the item at the $3+10% rate or pay a 10% instant restocking fee ($5.00 minimum) on their invoice. (This is in place to deter reckless/unfair bidding. It is the bidder's responsibility to read the description provided in its entirety and look at all photos (if applicable) before placing a bid to make the auction fair for all bidders.) Our staff takes time to provide you with these details in our listings. If you`re experiencing buyer's remorse due to not viewing the entire listing or not wanting the item, please let us know which option you would like to take within seven (7) days.

  • An example of the restocking fee - If “Alex823” wins an item for $10.00 and does not pay for and pick up within the given time frame. The turned down item is relisted and the 10% restocking fee will be applied to his account balance. The next time “Alex823” wins an item and comes to pick up, he will owe the $5.00 minimum restocking fee. If this is not paid we will refuse him from picking up any future won items. If this happens 3 times, the 3 Strikes Rule will apply. (See below for more details)


To ensure responsible and fair bidding, every account is given a 3 strikes mercy because we understand things happen. If items are not paid for a total of three (3) different times in a row and the restocking fee has not been paid, the customers IP address will be banned from bidding on BidStreet. This, once again, is to ensure fair bidding to all our customers. If the restocking fee is paid, the 3 Strikes Rule will be refreshed.