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Our auctions are hosted worldwide, but mainly focused strictly to the Canadian market. This means there are millions of eyes that can potentially view and find interest in your items. Live auctions have a maximum of 50-100 people and it is tough to always find 2 people that have interest in your items. BidStreet is an online locally focused auction which means there are more eyes seeing your items on our site, therefore, there is a far better chance they will sell for top dollar! Our retail location is located conveniently off Dixie and the 401 in Mississauga with access to over a million local residents! The advantage is our bidders can forget about those expensive shipping charges and the convenience of a quick FREE local pick-up!  Many people aren't aware they can consign their items to auctions, but rather have tried selling through online classifieds. Others can't stand the high auction house commission fees and the percentage of money they receive back from their sold items. We all know the long list of hassles this results in...Low ball offers, wasting time arranging the sale for people that never show, the risk of being robbed when meeting, having people know where you live or having to arrange a meet. Say NO to all of these hassles because BidStreet offers the easiest and safest way to sell your items while still generating top dollar. Our state of the art auction software is far above any auction company out there. For these reasons, BidStreet provides our bidders the quickest and most efficient auction platform to bid on which will guarantee the maximum return on your items. If this wasn’t enough, we also offer the LOWEST consignment rates in the GTA! (See below for more details...)


Many auction companies charge a high commission on the sale of your items (typically 25%) others charge an enormous listing fee, plus an additional commission charge (as much as $15 per listing plus 10% commission). These high rates only ensure the auction companies get top dollar and not you!  We at BidStreet took a different route on consignments and offer them to you at only $10 per listing plus 10% commission. What does this mean? It's simple... more money in YOUR pocket! To give you a better idea what this means take a look at the comparison chart above! We do NOT allow our consignors to bid on their consignment items if they have an account with us. This is a strict policy we take seriously and any violation of this will result in automatic banning of the consignors account and removal of the item off the website. We believe strongly in fair play and expect the same from our bidders and consignors. 

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The process couldn’t be easier!

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In order to start the consignment process, your first step is to bring in your items to our retail location. We are always ready to take your consignment in. When you bring your items in, a representive will review all items and discuss what items we will be taking in for your consignment. We have the right to turn down any item we see is unfit for the website, unlawful or out of taste. Once your items are approved and ready to go, you will fill out some paperwork (to get the legal stuff out of the way), and then you will further discuss with one of our highly skilled employees the best strategy for selling your items on our site to ensure you get top dollar. Your best interest is always our top priority!

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Once your items have been received and a strategy has been discussed, they will be listed by one of our professional listers within 48 hours. You can always expect your items to receive the same treatment as if they were our own. We then will research your item to find a fair and active retail price. We include a minimum of two secondary photos and a stock picture will be offered (if available) to ensure your item is properly advertised. 

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Your items will now be live on site and available to be bid on during our weekly auction held on Tuesday from 7-9:30pm.  Your items will sell right alongside all of the other great items we have up for sale every week and this allows the ability to cross market your product. You will also be able to watch your items sell in real time, which will always add to the excitement! 

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Now what you have been waiting for....once your items have been sold, our bidders have 7 days to pay and pick up the items. This means you get paid 7 days after the close of the auction. Any items that do not get picked up will be relisted for you free of charge and will take place on the following week's auction.

I know by this point you're wondering how you lived without BidStreet. If you would like to get this process started or have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 905-565-2243 or e-mail us at

BidStreet will take pictures, research, post your items and provide you with a report of what the item sold for. Any other work requested of your consignment from BidStreet will be billed at $100/hour.