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  Condition: NEW - Distressed Packaging
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💎 LONG LIFETIME AND COMPLETE ILLUMINATED AREA💎 ---Contain 39 durable LED light beads with life span of 50000 hours nonstop, lasting up to 5 years of continuous use. There are 18 lamp beads on the top and 21 lamp beads on the side, don't need to worry about the nails on the side.

  • 💎 PROFESSIONAL AND CURING ALMOST ALL NAIL GELS💎 ---LED gels, UV gels, Builder, including Hard Gels, sculpture gel, gem glue etc..No brand requirements though. Normally it need 60s to dry the base coat and gel of colors, and it need 30s to dry the top coat.
  • 💎 AUTOMATIC SENSOR& OVER-TEMPERATURE PROTECTION💎 ---After plugging in the power, just put your hand in and the light will automatically illuminate. If you need to dry nail models or other crafts, just press the button to set the time and use it.
  • 💎 4 TIMER SETTINGS& REMOVABLE BASE PANEL💎 ---10s, 30s, 60s and 99s, if you put hand into the machine without pressing time setting button, It will come into the 99s low heat mode. The panel can be separated without tools, more convenient for toenail gel curing.
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